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The equine department of Dierenkliniek Emmeloord has a leading and innovative role in providing excellent care in a modern setting where patient and client care is paramount.

The clinic has a central location in the Netherlands with state of the art facilities to provide excellent care of horses and their owners. Dierenkliniek Emmeloord offers 24/7 full emergency service including surgical and nonsurgical colics, fractures, wounds, obstetrics and foal intensive care.

The clinic has two boarded ECVS surgeons, one ECVS resident along with specialists in veterinary diagnostic imaging and opthamology. The equine department is accredited by ECVS for training residents. Dierenkliniek Emmeloord has a high and varied orthopaedic, medical and surgical case load. Focus areas include; minimal invasive surgery (arthroscopy, laparoscopy and minimal invasive buccotomy), veterinary imaging, focus on equine spine (FES), sports medicine and equine dentistry.

Our modern, fully equipped surgical facility holds two surgical suites, an induction room and two recovery rooms. Further well equipped intensive care and quarantine units are also present. Our team regularly publish in veterinary literature and frequently present at scientific meetings and congresses.The clinic holds an in-house farriery, with three farriers specialised in orthopaedic shoeing. A brand new, ultramodern indoor arena facilitates the focus on multidisciplinary cooperation between veterinarians and farriers, physiotherapists, saddlery and biting specialists, trainers for examination and the rehabilitation of horses. Dierenkliniek Emmeloord cooperates with several dedicated rehabilitation centers. The goal of our team is to provide excellent care for horses and their owners.

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Hospital Specialists

Frerik ter Braake

DVM RCVS Dip ECVS Erkend paardendierenarts Erkend keuringsdierenarts

RCVS and European Specialist in Equine Surgery

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Astrid Bos

DVM FES (Equine Spine) Erkend paardendierenarts Erkend keuringsdierenarts

RVNA and ECVO in Veterinary Ophthalmology

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Ellen Compagnie

DVM Dip ECVS Erkend paardendierenarts

European Specialist in Equine Surgery

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Natascha de Heer


RNVA in Diagnostic Imaging

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