Edd Knowles

Edd Knowles.

Edd Knowles

Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine, Bell Equine

I joined Bell Equine to work in an environment in which clinical research and the development of equine practice are an essential part of the approach.

CVS has enabled me to develop new clinical and professional interests by working with veterinary laboratories and other practices within the CVS group. This work has been challenging but rewarding and enjoyable.

Since acquisition, we have kept our clinical freedom and many of the key decisions affecting the practice are taken locally, allowing us to tailor our approach to serve our clientele. Our clinical standards, independence and the ethos that defines our practice are determined by ourselves and remain strong.

Investment in new equipment by CVS has allowed us to continue to develop our services and provide the best care that we can for our patients.

Hattie Lawrence.

Hattie Lawrence

Clinical Director, Valley Equine Hospital

After 20 years in practice, the greatest benefit of joining CVS for me has been the opportunity to develop my career towards a more senior management role. Alongside my clinical work, I’m now more involved in management and shaping the future of the division.

Financial support from CVS has allowed my practice to invest in new equipment that would not otherwise have been affordable. I’ve also learnt new skills thanks to our central support divisions and from both internal and external CPD.

We have an excellent network of specialists within the Equine division who can provide informal telephone support for clinicians as well as formal referrals.

The opportunities within the CVS Equine division are almost limitless, including better working conditions and a more professionally rewarding career.

Francesca Taylor.

Francesca Taylor

Clinical Director, Goudhurst Vets & Equine Clinic and Bell Equine

I’ve been Clinical Director at Goudhurst Vets and Equine Clinic for seven years.

CVS have been hugely supportive in developing me as a leader through high-quality training which has really built up my confidence. There is an excellent appraisal system in place and it was through this that I was made aware of the opportunity to apply for the clinical director role at Bell Equine. To continue the role that I love , managing an equine practice on a much larger scale was a very natural step for me.

During my time at CVS I’ve had two children and after each, with the needs of the business in mind, have reduced my working hours. CVS has been hugely supportive with a robust flexible working policy.

CVS is not a company who tell you how to do your job; they offer you the support and training to do it to the best of your ability. This is a really exciting time to be joining CVS equine.

Charlotte Hewitt-Dedman.

Charlotte Hewitt-Dedman

BVetMed(Hons) MRCVS
Veterinary Surgeon, Valley Equine Hospital

I work as an ambulatory vet, having completed Valley Equine’s internship programme. Valley has a large orthopaedic caseload – an area in which I am keen to develop my skills.

Having discussed my intention of completing an equine surgical residency with my Clinical Director, CVS are now looking into setting up a residency programme in order that I and others can pursue our desired career path within the company.

Being part of CVS enables us to seek advice for more complicated cases from the many equine specialists across the equine division. CVS have also been very supportive of research project ideas. With such a large network of hospitals and a depth of knowledge and skills in the equine division we have the opportunity to maximise case numbers for these projects. 

Through CVS I now have the opportunity to pursue my career goals within the company. There is a generous CPD allowance and there are excellent opportunities for career progression.

Jo Burnett.

Jo Burnett

BVetMed(Hons) MRCVS
Veterinary Surgeon, Valley Equine Hospital

I joined Valley Equine’s internship programme in 2015. Having completed the internship, I decided to stay on to work as an ambulatory vet. I enjoy a varied caseload, a great mix of clients and teaching students and interns.

CVS has supported a lot of CPD, including the VLAR2 qualification run by BARTA. As a result I now work with the local fire and rescue service for large animal rescue situations. I am also working towards a Cert AVP in equine internal medicine, which CVS have been very supportive of, and I participate in the CVS Equine Clinical Advisory Committee.

I enjoy the sharing of expertise at CVS. I am a mentor for a new graduate in a different CVS practice, have my own mentor within the practice, and have the opportunity to seek advice from specialists within the equine division.

Joining CVS has given me the opportunity to progress my career both clinically and in management.

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