The CVS Strategy team includes Hattie Lawrence and Tim Mair along with several key equine division veterinary directors and clinicians from within CVS Equine, with specific expertise sought from elsewhere within CVS when required. All members of the team play a fundamental role in shaping the strategic direction and long-term vision to create an outstanding future for the division, its people, clients and patients.

Central Clinical Governance and Advisory Committees are led by the Equine Director UK and Equine Veterinary Director and have representation from every practice in the division. This allows us to provide governance support to all clinicians as part of a commitment to Quality Improvement in Practice and allows our clinicians to make the important clinical decisions for the Division.

CVS Equine is a large group of practices with a common goal to collaborate closely in order to deliver excellent clinical care for the horses we look after. By working together we are able to share expertise, best practice and first class equipment. This collaborative approach also provides a rewarding working environment for our people, and the opportunity for long term career development.