Oaklands Equine Hospital

Oaklands Equine Hospital is proud to offer the premier equine specialist referral service in the North of England.

Our in-house equine internal medicine specialist can offer expertise across a wide range of areas, specialising in both the provision of intensive care for critically ill adult horses and foals, as well as in the investigation and treatment of complex ongoing illnesses. This includes dealing with cases of cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, abdominal disease, kidney and liver disease, skin disease, ophthalmic disease and poor performance. We can also offer advice on disease outbreaks and preventative health care. Our team has access to leading specialist equine surgeons and we can therefore offer elective surgical referrals, including surgical procedures for both orthopaedic and soft tissue conditions. With this range of expertise we are able to offer the experience necessary to ensure the best possible outcomes.

We are happy to treat horses from any background, and strive to minimise costs wherever possible. All referrals must be made by a veterinary surgeon, and clients wishing to be seen by the referrals team should contact their veterinary surgeon who will be happy to make a referral.

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Ben Jacklin


ECVS & RCVS Specialist in Equine Surgery

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